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Stanley D. Gehrt, PhD

Associate Professor & Wildlife Extension Specialist

School of Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University

Senior Scientist

Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation

Dr. Gehrt is the Principal Investigator of the Cook County Coyote project. 

While Director of Research at the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, he collaborated with Chris Anchor of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County to develop and initiate the research and solicit the funding. 

Dr. Gehrt continues to supervise the many aspects of the project and spends many hours between Ohio and Illinois.


The Ohio State University                        Fax: 614-292-7432

375 Kottman Hall                                    Email:

2021 Coffey Road                                    Voice: 614-292-1930

Columbus, OH 43210-1095   ,4,3

Heidi Garbe

Associate Research Scientist

Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation

Heidi is a graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, first majoring in biology before earning her BS in Animal Science.

She has been involved with a broad range of animals in many aspects of wildlife-based work including experience as a field technician, zoo keeper, and reproductive biologist. She had the privilege of coordinating a feral horse project before beginning her current work helping to manage the research at Max McGraw. Favorite elements of her job are working with the public, leading research efforts, helping to better understand urban wildlife trends, and learning from all the skilled biologists with whom she interacts.


Evan Wilson

Graduate Student

School of Environment & Natural Resources, The Ohio State University






From left to right Ė Sarah Nokes, Evan Wilson, Heidi Garbe, Mike Glow (former technician), Shane McKenzie. 


Sarah Nokes

Originally from Chicago, Sarah received a bachelorís degree in biology from Monmouth College in 2009.  In April 2011 she was grateful to be hired as a research technician at Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation and participate in the coyote research project. Since her research interests include carnivore ecology and human-wildlife conflict, she has relished the opportunities to handle and observe these amazing animals in urban surroundings. In the future she hopes to pursue a graduate degree and complete further studies on carnivore ecology and anthropogenic influences on wildlife.


Craig Reddell

Craig grew up in San Diego, CA and graduated from Sonoma State University with a bachelorís in Environmental Restoration and Conservation. Since then he has worked with a variety of wildlife and is now planning to pursue a graduate degree looking at carnivore population dynamics. He is looking forward to contributing to the research here at Max McGraw and working with its wonderful staff.


Shane McKenzie

Shane, a Chicago-area native, earned his BS degree from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, majoring in Forest Resource Management and minoring in Environmental Studies. He has worked on several wildlife projects across the country focusing on carnivore ecology. Shane started his field career with the Southern Illinois University Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory and then the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation for the first time back in 2008-2009. Since that time, he has been a contributing member to the IGBST in Yellowstone National Park, the U.S. Forest Service in the Sierras of California, and the Colorado Division of Wildlifeís Lynx Recovery Program. He returned to Max McGraw early in 2011 to continuing working under the urban carnivore project. Through these experiences he plans on pursing a graduate degree while exploring the opportunities that only wildlife field research can provide.


Andrew Burmesch

Originally from WI, Andy graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Points in May 2010, earning a Bachelorís of Science degree in Wildlife Research and Management.  He is interested in working with large mammals, particularly carnivores.  The opportunity to work with coyotes is what brought him to Max McGraw.  On his days off he enjoys fishing, baseball, football, and hanging out with friends.




  • Cook County Animal & Rabies Control

  • Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation

  • Forest Preserve District of Cook County





  • Ohio State University

  • Brookfield Zoo

  • University of Illinois Zoopathology Program





  • Dr. Donna Alexander, Director, Cook County Animal & Rabies Control

  • Chris Anchor, Wildlife Biologist, Forest Preserve District of Cook County

  • Chuck Rizzo, Forest Preserve District of Cook County

  • Mike Neri,  Forest Preserve District of Cook County

  • Dr. Jean Dubach, Conservation Genetics, Loyola University

  • Dr. Mike Kinsel, Zoo Pathology Program, University of Illinois

  • Dr. Tom Meehan, Senior Veterinarian, Brookfield Zoo




Paul Morey, Justin Brown, Cecilia Hennessy, Alison Willingham, Bill Graser, Evan Wilson, Courtney Quirin





Dr. Suzie Prange, Tim Preuss, Justin Brown, Alison (Willingham) Brown


We especially want to acknowledge Dr. Dan Parmer (deceased), former Director of Cook County Animal & Rabies Control, for his foresight and unwavering support for long term research of wildlife in the interests of public health.  We hope we have honored his vision.





The Cook County, Illinois, Coyote Project

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