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Originally known as ghosts of the plains, coyotes have recently become ghosts of the cities, occasionally heard but rarely seen . . . until now.

Within the last few decades, coyotes have become the top carnivores in an increasing number of urban areas across North America, including one of the largest the Chicago metropolitan region. 


Up until recently, researchers knew little about the intermingling between humans and coyotes.


The Cook County Coyote Project is a comprehensive study of coyotes in Chicago metropolitan areas.  With the help of many agencies*, we capture, collar, and monitor coyotes in order to understand how they live in urban areas as well as interact with other wildlife and domestic animals.

Our website provides information on our study (including objectives, methods, and application), information about urban coyotes (including how to co-exist with them and avoid conflicts), and a snapshot of the lives of the coyotes we track.


By providing the public with our research, we are initiating the first step of coyote management- educating the public and untangling facts from myths.  People should become aware of coyote signs and understand the differences between true threats and coexistence.


It is important to stress that our relationship with coyotes is directly affected by our behavior coyotes react to us, and we can foster mutual respect or a lack of respect through cues we send to coyotes.

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The Cook County, Illinois, Coyote Project

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